• Can I mention specific requirements in my reservation?

    You can point out your preferences while completing your reservation request. For example: if you desire to stay close to the playground, at a sunny spot, or sunshades, etc.).

    Based on our availability, the campsite will reserve the best-corresponded location that meets your wishes.

  • Is minor allowed to camp with his/her friends without being accompanied by adults?

    Sadly, it is not allowed. According to the internal regulations, the minors must be accompanied by an adult member of the family (father, mother, brother or sister).

    If an elder brother or sister accompanies him/her, they must show us an ID, a booking made by parents and parental authorization. Otherwise, they cannot stay in the campsite.

  • Are there shops in the campsite?

    The campsite offers a place for shopping where you will find all the initial supplies which meet your needs (food, dishwashing liquids, hygiene, etc.).

    A bakery to get fresh bread is also offered to enjoy pleasant mornings.

  • Can I rent bikes on the spot?

    We offer bike rental on the spot, pre-reservation: a wide choice of bikes for adults and children, helmets, child seats, and trailers. It is highly recommended to advice about your renting desire in advance while submitting your reservation request as all the bikes could be fully booked.

  • Are pets (dogs) allowed to join us during our vacation in the campsite?

    It should be specified in the reservation request in advance the number of the accompanied dogs (one or more).

    Taking into consideration that the dogs must be vaccinated and should put a leash on the dog in the campsite.

Other information needed? Please contact us!