Useful Information

Reception Opening Hours

8h30 – 19h00

Peaceful nights from 22:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. (art. 15 regulation)

After 22:00 p.m., vehicles must remain at the parking lot outside the campsite.

In case of emergency

The main emergency number in Switzerland is the same as it is in Europe: 112. You can dial it for any emergency case.

Police : 117

Fire service : 118

Ambulance : 144

‘Helping Hand’ counselling helpline: 143 (CHF 0.20 per call)

Toxicological information centre: Tox Info (in case of suspected poisoning): 145

Helpline for children and young people (Pro Juventute): 147

The garbage cans are available. The rubbish should be sorted and packed in plastic bags, as well as throw it in the exact boxes each in the appropriate container (glass, paper, cardboard).

Dogs absolutely must be vaccinated and should put a leash on the dog in the campsite.

Attention: The games are unattended, and they are under parents’ responsibility. The camping does not hold any responsibility.

Chemical toilet emptying Local next to the laundry
Draining campsite-cars In front of the campsite entrance
Bread order Registration at the reception before 20:00
Open-air fires in the campsite Forbidden!
Washing vehicles in the campsite Forbidden!
Washing machines CHF 3.00 (pieces of 0.20 and 1.-)
Tumble dryer CHF 3.00 (pieces of 0.20 and 1.-)
Free Wifi with password
Check out 8:30 am - 10:00 am or during the day before 19:00

A credit note is issued for the paid amount of CHF 30.- or 20 EUR as a deposit for the gate key.

Free Transport for Geneva City Camping Visitors:

We accept credit cards, payments cash in Euros and Swiss Francs.

Thank you for your attention, and we wish you happy holidays!